About Yes Technology College

YES TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES, hereinafter referred to as YesTech was established in 2010 to meet the Engineering industry demands for quality ENGINEERING TRAINING AND SERVICES.

It has two main facets i.e., Services and Training.

YesTech head office is centrally located in Durban. The Staff are well experienced and experts in their respective fields. The board of YesTech is drawn from its affiliates, the community and business laity.

YesTech has developed best practical programmes in the field of youth development which it intends to replicate to the rural parts of the country.


Help our learners and employees meet a balanced and advanced well sought after skills, knowledge, and expertise for the industry through our education and training programmes.

Aid in our learners and employee’s holistic development to achieve their full potential through quality education, training and recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Work in strategic partnership with learners and industry stakeholders to enrich our learners’ expertise through unique collaborative learning.

Regulate continuous improvement of training systems and related services to improve and enhance the development of skills and talents of learners in their respective industry.


We embrace professionalism, quality, business ethics and social responsibility, financial stability, and fairness in dealing with our clients, students and the community at large:

  • Quality: Quality is our core value. We provide quality service, training outcomes, performance and relationships to our customers and associates.
  • Customer driven: At all times, we act to meet the agreed requirements of our customers and associates, providing complete satisfaction.
  • Integrity: We cultivate an environment of honesty, sincerity, and trust in which we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We believe integrity is the foundation of all moral character and is an essential trait for truly successful professional and personal lives. In our interactions with others, we are open, truthful, and forthright.
  • Ownership: We believe that all our staff, learners and associates should enjoy a sense of belonging through teamwork, participation and involvement. 
  • Innovation: We create, and maintain, a dynamic business climate in which a bold, enterprising spirit prevails and change always seen as an opportunity.
  • Continuous improvement: Maintain a passion for Continuous Improvement and continuously improve our processes and services.
  • Community: YesTech honors and cherishes its special responsibility to serve the people within the local communities it operates through its research, teaching, and community leadership.
  • Teamwork: YesTech creates a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success. Our experiences provides a variety of perspectives and talents that, when united through teamwork, strengthens our ability to achieve our goals.


We, the Owners / Directors of YesTech declare that, in terms of Quality Assurance YesTech policy is to deliver Quality Experiential Vocational Education and Skills Training to its Learners through demand driven and cost effective training interventions with a view to developing the human resource base within all Industries, taking into consideration and acknowledging the relevant Acts (Skills Development Act and applicable regulations, Skills Development Levies Act, SAQA Act and applicable regulations, OHS Act and applicable regulations) applicable to the services rendered by YesTech and abiding by the SETA ETQA requirements or any other specification or regulation agreed upon.

We adhere to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting and exceeding learners and customer requirements, and to maintain an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement by:

  • Maintaining an effective Quality Assurance System
  • Involving industry in both the development and evolution of our training Programmes and courses;
  • Ensuring staff is highly qualified through ongoing recruitment, development and training;
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant statutory bodies in the developing and delivering of education and training that emphasizes these principles; and
  • Ensuring that standards are maintained and improved by active monitoring, reviewing, and improving all activities.